How to deal with Hurdles

During difficult times we tend to ask so many questions to ourselves :

Why does this always happen to me?

What would happen to my future?

Omg my life sucks.

How will people certify this?

I am under so much stress. How will I succeed?

Whenever all these thoughts jumble up your mind, just hold on a sec, take a little pause from this topsy turvy ride of thoughts and emotions and ask yourselves,

Is my problem really the world’s biggest problem?

If yes, what impact it will have on my life in the long run?

Will I ever want to remember this situation after 10 yrs?

Yes it might seem difficult if we keep comparing our lives with others. It’s an individual’s journey. Everyone has his/her part of lessons and experiences. Take a little break from peer pressure. You own 100 percent of your life, whether it is good or bad. Socialise positively, where you can feel better and learn new things.

Assume that if you would have liberty to spread your problems throughout life. In such a case, after 10 yrs or 20 yrs will you even remember the particular situation. I guess no!!

Nobody wants to feel bad. Then why not think of our blessings however minimal they may be.

When a person stands next to a huge monument, it looks like the tallest thing ever on planet. Likewise, if he can watch things from a certain distance it seems tiny.

Yes! You must look our blessings closely and collectively this way. Feel the fresh air they bring in and welcome them with spreading arms.

And when it comes to dealing with problems just divide their impact throughout the lifetime. They would hardly have any impact in the long run. They are as tall or as tiny as we think of them.

No matter what the situation is stick to yourself. Never loose your tenderness, innocence and cheerful attitude amidst circumstances.

Is it the destination that matters or the journey. Both matters, only if they end up making a person a better human.

If its the destination, it will be the reason of happiness. If it’s the journey, it should be an enriching one. Ultimately the person is the one who is at the center of all this and how he/sh feels is of utmost important.

Journey can either be a learning or a cake walk. Achieving success is a good thing but achieving it by learning and being yourselves is the best thing that can ever happen. Make the most out of journey try not to loose yourself in the process.

Smile!! Like life is never gonna come back as it is today.

Smile!! You have a life and people to share it with.






14 thoughts on “How to deal with Hurdles”

  1. Actually, the older you get the less you ask yourself these questions. I think that is because you realize that anything that can happen will, and that the last time something cataclysmic happened, you survived. You start to trust yourself to handle what life has, and will continue, to throw at you. Good luck to you 🙂

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