Wedding Day




Come here! Lets celebrate.

Everything is so beautiful. Here.

But hey! Please leave all your troubles behind…

Today is full moon night! Come here…

It’s fullmoon tonight!

The Day We Went Shopping

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Here ‘we’ constitutes me and my friend Sheenu. So this dates back to our first days of very first year in Law colg. As it was in outskirts of Bhopal, I couldn’t go to market alone. So I asked this girl whom I barely smiled 2 3 times. She was a violent looking women, so I picturized my body guard in her. Thankfully she agreed to go out and shop.

As my scooty only had capacity of two according to civilization. Had it went according to ‘Indianization’ (jugaad) , I would have asked 3 girls to hang out with me. But I didn’t want my scooty to transform into government bus.

So we went to New market. One moment I saw street food stalls, next moment I saw some giant rushing towards them, as if it was the end of the world. It was nothing other than my friend Sheenu. She would have certainly flattened 2 3 people with her speed and weight.

Btw we ate and I saw her enjoying her food thoroughly. She was so restless. She was walking around while eating. I found her very innocent.

Thereafter, we headed towards a bag shop. She saw one of the bag and tried tearing it asking the vendor

Fadkr dekhu mazbut hai ki nahi.

Vendor got annoyed and he snatched the bag from her. He collected all his bags from the counter as quickly as possible, so that they can be safe.

She unapologetically went to another shop nearby. She left me as if she had nothing to do with me.

Thought, it should have been otherwise. She ignored me staring with a question mark on my face. She also ignored the vendor looking disgusted at her. She started having samosas in next shop. She was having her part of fun.

Anyways I wanted to buy a bag. Vendor in her terror said to me

Ma’am next time you come and buy the stuff and plz don’t bring her.

It was hilarious, insulting and disguisting at the same time. He was so terrified that she might come back. He made sure I walked out sooner.

After bullying the vendor she was quite happy. When I went to sheenu, she asked like a goon

What was he saying about me??

I smiled and sarcastically said he said plz bring that goon again next time to maintain law and order here.

She was happy being called a goon. Next shop we went for a bag of 350/-. She in a mocking manner asked

50/- ka de do.

He looked at me. Thereafter, I came back hiding my face from everyone around.

On our way back to colg it was around 7 pm. Some random #swag guy came and eve teased us. He was some outsider.

I told sheenu

Now you are streaching it too far.

But under benefit of doubt, I memorized the bike number and later jotted it down. We thereafter complaint in women cell 1090 and gave the bike number. They called the offender and made him sign affidavit of 5k and he was released.

Some people want to be fined heavily in order to be civil.

But the funniest part was that tigress who bullied vendors, suddenly transformed into a mice, leave aside saving me…

Then there was not coming back, I just kept laughing at her throughout my colg life, and she gave me all the reasons in the world.

And she had only one myntra

She beat me, whenever she meet me.

I guess it would be a feel good factor for her to find someone half of her weight and mass. But this is life..

You know you can’t do anything with some people they are there and will be like this. May be this was her way of showing affection towards me. In her head she thought I was special friend she could use like a punching bag. God forbid and save people from her.

She will still beat me after reading this. She anyway would do that. Why not give her a reason good enough to beat??


Understanding Bitcoins

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Recently, news about Finance Ministry expressing concern over soaring prices of bitcoins and other crypto currencies has started debate.

The ministry has cautioned against investing in Ponzi schemes. However, exponential increase in the price of virtual currencies have created a hullabaloo. In Indian markets and across the globe.

When I heard the topic first, I scratched my head like an idiot throughout this whole thing was being narrated to me. So looked into the matter.

Lets look into all of this from the very basics…

What is a Ponzi scheme?

Ponzi schemes were named after Charles Ponzi, a clerk in Boston who, almost a century ago, deceived thousands of investors into speculating on phenomenal returns from the humble postage stamp.

It is a fraudulent investment operation where operator generates returns to old investor from the investments done by new investors. For attracting new investors companies grant them short term returns which are abnormally high or irregular later. In short these companies rely highly on new investments, in order to pay their old investors. Once new investment falls short, schemes falls apart.

However, Ponzi schemes can very easily use Bitcoins for their wrongful ends and Govt can’t catch hold them easily.

What is bitcoin, cryptocurrency, virtual currency?

Bitcoin was a digital asset to work as currency designed in 2009 by an individual or group: Satoshi Nakamoto. It is an end to end encrypted currency. No intermediators are involved. Prices of bitcoins is based on speculations of markets. There is no actual asset attached with the bitcoin.

Why everyone is making a fuzz out of it?

Due to the phenomenal increase in the prices of virtual currencies in recent times, including Bitcoin gathered attention and concerns.

What makes it very sensitive?

Virtual currencies are encrypted end to end, they have a very high chance of being used for terror funding, money laundering, smuggling and drug trafficking.

However, an interdisciplinary committee have been appointed in order to frame a regulatory framework for covering virtual currency market. Members of RBI are the members of committee. Supreme court of India has also requested govt to draft the regulation to control the flow of bitcoins.


Indian Government have no clear rules, regulations and guidelines to check whether bitcoins are used for legal purposes or not. That makes the situation and people more vulnerable to misuse of bitcoins, through hacking and malware.

Recently, there have been increased cases of business tycoons been blackmailed for their business secrets after being hacked and got rid of the situation only after payment is done in form of bitcoins. In the manner blackmailer easily evade from the liabilities and fear of being caught.

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