Chhaya Gulmohar Ki


It was just about her home,

Or it was the time which was so special

It was light of day,

Or her traits were so special,

Was it shade of Gulmohar tree

Or it was a city of dreams,

Should I call her an angel of love

Or companion to share pain.

She was so special and so did everything.



People have been discussing about my swollen eyes,

Despair on my face, they can easily recognize,

That you might have broken which you have promised,

You might have ditched,

But how can I explain it is not what they think,

That I sleep with my pillow and your memories like a fink,

It’s not always the fight,

Sometimes distance too decide people’s plight.

Kacche Alfaz

#poetry #language

I keep looking at him from a certain distance,

Because I am learning to write poetry…

But I can find apt words to write.

Nevertheless, my language might be impure,

But I assure emotions I have carved on paper with all the devotion are pure…

I will choose to look from a certain distance.

PS: Feelings have no barrier.